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How to Grow Seeds

Growing seeds can be difficult because some of the processes are skipped without knowing about them. We will show you how to grow better and be more successful at seed germination.

How to be Successful at Germination and Growing Seeds from the Garden

Over the past 15 years of hybridizing and growing daylilies we discovered many different ways to get “hard to grow” seeds to sprout. Which is also known as germination.

Some seeds are very hard to grow while others such as vegetable seeds are very simple.

Let’s take a look at a few helpful methods of growing your expensive seeds that are hard to sprout below in our garden blog.

Putting your seeds away from Garden

A simple step but people make the mistake of not drying out their seeds long enough before storing them. This can lead to rotting of the seeds due to mildew, moisture and fungus.

When you are collecting your seeds you will want to make sure that when storing them away for some time that you have let them dry out for at least 24 hours.

Now your seeds will be ready for storage for a long period of time.

Cold Stratification

Many people skip this step because they are not aware of what this actually is. So what is cold stratification? An easy way to explain it is that most seed actually needs a cold period before germination will take place. So if you live in colder climates you will have a lot of dormant plants that will do some leaf shedding during the fall and winter.

Well, when this happens all is going or getting ready to go through a dormant period. The same happens for the seeds. So throughout the cold season the plants and seeds go into hibernation so to speak. When Spring comes and the weather breaks and temperatures start to rise everything in nature is now ready to grow.

How to do cold stratification at home before growing seeds (Germination)

  1. Collect your seeds
  2. Dry your seeds
  3. Place them in a bag with their name label
  4. Place the bag into your refrigerator for 3-4 weeks
  5. Now your seeds are ready to grow

Gardening – Furthermore on Seed Germination

This method to seed germination is good for any type of seed. It works on the simplest seeds to grow like vegetables from some of the hardest plants to grow like that of a Japanese Yoshino Cherry Tree Seed.

This seed germination method is highly recommended for tropical plant and flower seeds as well. We have used this method to sprout Rainbow Trees, Tropical Hibiscus, Cactus and Succulents, Bird of Paradise and many more Zone 9 and above plants.

If you want to increase your germination rates and are tired of wasting seed you must try this technique for growing seeds. Often times we have had negative feedback being a business owner who sells and ships seeds worldwide due to lack of knowledge about seed growing.

We have educated thousands, even millions of people who watch our videos that prove this method.

If i can give you one thing to take with you after visiting our garden blog 2020, it’s this. The cold stratification method to seed germination.

Paper Towel Method of Seed Germination

Posted August 3rd, 2020

Growing seeds with a paper towel is fast and it can increase germination time and also increase germination percentage. If you have followed the steps for cold stratification of your seeds you are now ready to plant.

Let’s consider the paper towel method to seed germination because it is not widely used. You can’t blame gardeners who don’t use it though. If you don’t have a lot of money invested in the seeds it may not be worth the time and effort. However, there are many benefits to growing seeds with a paper towel.

Most people start growing their seeds by dropping their seeds into peat pots or just simple potting mix inside a container. That method is fine if you don’t have much money tied up in your investment. However, if you want to increase your chances of germinating the seeds you purchased give this a try!

The paper towel method also give the grower the ease of a controlled environment. It is highly effective for small seeds that would otherwise get washed away by water or helping to prevent bad root placement which could lead them to dry out.

Here is a quick video showing the step by step process to seed germination by using the paper towel method. Garden Blog 2020

Benefit to Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Seed Germination

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