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Here is a list we put together from Amazon and we were able to get each one we ordered shipped right to our door within days. It was really great considering the outbreak.

Best LED Grow Lights in 2020

Have You Tried Any of These?

Here are the 3 Best LED’s found on Amazon in 2020.

Top of list is they have the highest energy for your plants. So more growing per dollar! Let me know what your best grow lights are down below?!

#1 Yehsence 1500W LED with Bloom and Veg Switch, (15W LED) Triple-Chips LED Plant Growing Lamp Full Spectrum with Daisy Chained Design for Professional Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants.

#2 – MARS HYDRO SP150 Led Lamp Hydroponic Growing Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Lights Veg and Flower, Longer Lifespan, No Noise 2×2 Coverage Lights Fixtures.

#3 Vander 2000W LED for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower with Full Spectrum UV&IR

Best Grow Light – T5 Vivosun

I personally have 3 of these!!!

In my opinion this is the Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 2020.

My plants are loving this for vegetables, flowers, herbs, houseplants and more!

Vivosun 6500k – 4FT T5 HO Fluorescent Fixture for Indoor Plants, UL Listed High Output Fluorescent Tubes, 4 Lamps. High-output grow lamps that shine bright – brighter than other name-brand lamps. 6500K “daylight-spectrum” grow lights deliver monster vegetative growth as well as natural flowering.

What Vivosun says i can back them up, my plants are strong and healthy. You notice how green they are. We can now grow in our basement or add more light during winter to our greenhouse.

I love the fact that each fixture has an electric outlet where you can string them together on daisy chain helping vs. power outlet shortage.

LED Grow Light vs. Fluorescent Grow Light

LEDs have long lifespans when compared to most types of lighting technology. A new LED can last for as much as 50,000 hours or more. In comparison, a Fluorescent light may only average at the 10,000 mark.

LEDs are also exceptionally efficient and in relation to the commercial lighting technology out there today. They waste little energy in infrared radiation, and they produce light which goes to a specific direction. 

LED lights also often consist of a small number of components when compared to fluorescent lights. They also provide high-quality light despite having simple structures.Flourescent grow lights have toxic mercury and phosphor, which are hazardous during waste disposal.

Fluorescent lights age significantly, especially when stitched on and off frequently. Burning life extends significantly when the lights are on for long durations.

Fluorescent lights are unidirectional and will produce light in 360 degrees. However, this is a highly inefficient design, when compared to the LEDs.

These are two different technologies and different methods of lighting. The fluorescent grow light bulbs grow lights have inert gas, with the glass casing, while LEDs have solid-state technology. More so, the fluorescent lights produce UV and then converts it to visible light, by using a phosphor coating in the bulb. Also, the LEDs produce electromagnetic radiation through a small portion of the visible light spectrum. The benefit of this type of light is that it won’t generate waste energy.

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