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You will need to know the recommended plant spacing per your plant cultivar, variety or particular strain that you will be growing.

Also, keep in mind that the plant calculator is designed to show you recommendations for one growing season. If you desire spacing for a large growing plant like a tree then look at the maturity size and consider those measurements as you decide the plant spacing.

Plant Spacing Calculator

Plant Spacing Calculator Q&A

Question? How do I calculate square feet (square footage)


Calculate the width times the length (width x length=Square feet)

In other words, area of yard is 25′ feet wide by 25′ feet long. This equals 625ft2 and it was simple to do. Just multiply your yard width by the length of your yard to get your square footage. Now you know how to calculate square footage.

Question? How Many Plants Do I Need Per Square Foot (How many plants do i need in this area?)


Multiply the square footage of the planting bed by the plants needed per square foot to determine the number of plants needed. When using plants with different spacing requirements in the same area, estimate the square footage you will need for each plant. Number of Plants per Sq. Ft.

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Question? How many plants do I need calculator?


To estimate the number of plants needed, measure the length and width of the landscape bed in inches. Then, divide the width by the plant spacing to find the number of columns. To find the number of rows simply divide the length by the row spacing.

Question? How many plants can you plant in a square foot garden?


4″ plant spacing = plant 9 in each square. 6″ plant spacing = plant 4 in each square. 12″ plant spacing = plant 1 in each square.

Furthermore, some plants (such as melons, large squash, and tomatoes) require more than one square.

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