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How to Grow Tomatoes ? Page. Here we will discuss how to grow tomatoes from seed and show you how to grow tomatoes from cuttings slices in the garden.

Growing Tomatoes from Seed (THE EASY WAY)

On October 6th of 2016 I posted a video on YouTube about this easy way to grow tomatoes from slices. The video is below because some are visual learners.

The reason you want tomatoes that will have viable seeds and always buy the organic kind so it will ensure viable seeds.

Because tomatoes are usually stored in a cold enough setting when you are buying them and they usually go into your refrigerator.

So the seeds are already “Cold Stratified” which means they are ready to grow but you could store them longer inside your fridge if necessary.

However, at this point you can watch the video by clicking here or you can continue to read as i describe this whole process of growing them from seeds by slicing tomatoes because you will be putting the slices directly into the soil!!

It works!!

From Seed FAST and EASY WAY.

Start Tomatoes from Seed Indoors in Containers Pots Grow Tomatoes from Slices seeds quickly with this clever garden trick. 5 Minutes IT REALLY WORKS!! Tomatoes in 5 Gallon Buckets in Winter and Garden Hack for Tomato Vegetables that works fast because everything you need is in the fruit already.

Gardening has never been this easy.

Why is this method to growing tomato seeds so simple?

Simply, just need a flower pot along with some topsoil and some old tomatoes from the fridge.

Dice up the tomatoes and place them next to each other in rows. Cover the tomato slices with some garden soil.

You will have tomato seedlings sprouting in days!! A great way to plant and grow tomatoes in pots or indoors to start the spring off right before the cold breaks but before you can actually get outdoors and do some vegetable gardening.

You have all the tomato seeds you need for next year!! Growing tomatoes from seeds of the ones you bought at the grocery store and it is a great way to save money along the way but very rewarding.

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Thanks for reading and watching Growing Tomatoes from Seed FAST and EASY WAY. FASTEST and EASY Way to GROW your Tomatoes!! 5 Minute Method!

Tomato Seeds – Planting Directions

Learn how to grow tomatoes because the planting instructions is Step by Step directions.

Tomato Grow Light

Tomato Heat Mat

Growing Tomatoes from Seed Indoors

Start your tomato seeds indoors but with some potting mix of your choice but cover the seeds with ¼” inch or .64 CM of soil due to how small the seeds are.

Tomatoes like warm temperatures so start your tomato seeds at 60 degrees F Or 15.5 degrees celsius or above to help aid in germination. It is critical.

For optimum Results keep your temperatures at 70-75 degrees F or like 21-23 degrees celsius because your tomato seedlings may grow by a sunny window but you will have Better results when growing them under a grow light.

Grow light helps to mimic the sunlight.

Why is a Heat Mat important?

Even a heat mat helps to get your tomato plants off to a good start because it will warm the soil. It is most helpful.

After a few weeks the seedlings will be about 4 inches tall. This is a good time To transplant them into the garden. Make sure there is no danger of frost because freezing cold can kill your young tomatoes.

Spacing on your tomatoes can be particular to the variety but it is safe to plant 24-36” inches or 60-91 centimeters apart. Space is needed as tomatoes are vines. A trellis or tomato cage is a wise investment to grow tomatoes with.

Some early season tomatoes can be harvested in 50 days but late season Tomatoes harvest time is 80 days.

Pay attention to the variety of tomato so that your expectations are met. Mulch well with compost because tomatoes like to eat!

Growing Tomato Seeds Faster

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors from Seeds Faster it works make sure you watch the final few minutes to see the update and results.

First step, take an old tomato and make sure it has seeds in it first because if it does have seeds it’s not viable.

Cut the old tomato into slices. Next take the slices and place them in a good potting soil but make sure they are evenly placed.

Watch where you place them because you will have tomato seedlings in a week.

Grow Tomatoes from Seed Faster

In order to grow tomatoes from seed faster you will need to cover them. With a layer of soil about an inch high over top of the tomato seeds. Place them in a warm sunny area but give them plenty of water.

You will be surprised what will grow! A bunch of tiny tomato plants because new tomato seedlings will be fast to emerge from seed in about 7 days.

Tomatoes will be harvested faster in about 60 days but things that will slow down your tomato seeds will be because of temperature, sunlight and moisture so when growing tomatoes faster from seeds but make sure you supply your tomato seed with those 3 things.

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