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Updated 5/1/2020

Here is a unique way of growing strawberries

Growing Strawberries is Fast and Easy using this Method.

Do you enjoy Strawberries?! Great! Here is an easy way to start growing them at home.

In this short video above I will show you how to accomplish germinating strawberry seedlings for growing at home!

You can see how small and tiny strawberry seeds are. I like to plant them in cups so that the small seeds do not come out while watering them.

Go ahead and start slicing the strawberry seeds from the fruit. Place them at the top of the pot. Place the small cuttings of strawberry onto the soil.

Make sure to cover the strawberries when planting them with a layer of soil about half inch to an inch. Pack the soil on top of the strawberry seeds.

Make sure to water, then place the container in a warm sunny spot to grow! Strawberry seedlings will start to germinate in about 2 weeks or so.

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