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How to grow each vegetable variety seeds with step by step growing directions to fast seed germination.

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How to grow Tomatoes from Seed

Learn how to grow tomatoes with planting instructions a Step by Step set of growing directions.

Tomato Grow Light

Tomato Heat Mat

Step 1: Growing tomatoes from seed is easy to do because the seeds germinate So easily. Start your tomato seeds indoors with some potting mix of Your choice.

Step 2: Cover the seeds with ¼” inch or .64 CM of soil. Tomatoes like warm temperatures. Start your tomato seeds at 60 degrees F Or 15.5 degrees celsius or above to help aid in germination. For optimum Results keep your temperatures at 70-75 degrees F or 21-23 degrees celsius

Though your tomato seedlings may grow by a sunny window you will have Better results when growing them under a grow light. Even a heat mat helps To get your tomato plants off to a good start.

After a few weeks the seedlings will be about 4 inches tall. This is a good time To transplant them into the garden. Make sure there is no danger of frost as Freezing cold can kill your young tomatoes. Spacing on your tomatoes can be particular to the variety but it is safe to plant 24-36” inches or 60-91 centimeters apart.

Space is needed as tomatoes are vines. A trellis or tomato cage is a wise investment to grow tomatoes with. Some early season tomatoes can be harvested in 50 days while late season Tomatoes harvest time is 80 days. Pay attention to the variety of tomato so that Your expectations are met. Mulch well with compost as tomatoes like to eat!

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