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How To Grow Potatoes in a Bag

How To Grow Potatoes in A Bag (Step by Step)

Maybe you live in the city or even an apartment complex with little room. Let me show you this growing method that will save you space and time at the grocery store.

Get an Organic Potato Bag:

Let us look at the step by step process on how to grow your potatoes.

First step you want to make sure that there is no danger of frost anymore. Your potatoes won’t have much ground warmth because the soil will be limited. You want to start by choosing a solid compost soil because your potatoes will use the nutrients in the soil while gaining energy from the sun to produce your new batch of potatoes.

Sunlight is also key here it will keep the vine green and healthy while your potatoes develop inside the soil bag.

Step two you will add about 4 to 5 inches of potting soil into your bag. This will give the potato plants a good base to develop the tubers.

Step three you will cut seed potatoes into the size of golf balls but each one needs to have at least one eye in the cutting. This could be an indent or you may see a green bud protruding from the side of the potato. This is where the plant will begin to sprout up outside of the bag.

Step four place each seed potato cutting under the soil about 2 inches deep with the eye or sprout facing upwards. This will give the potatoes the best opportunity to start off well.

Step five you will want to water inside the bag to keep the soil moist. Do not let the bag ever dry out.

Step six as the plant grows up to six inches you will want to add more soil to the bag this will help to bury the potatoes and giving them more room to expand bigger. Continue to do this as the potato plants get taller. If it grows another six inches add more soil. You will continue adding soil up until the bag is full.

Step seven is knowing the right time to harvest the potatoes. Potatoes usually are best dug up when the green part of the plant starts to die and turn brown. However, if you are careful you can start to harvest the potatoes one by one after about 4 weeks.

Pro Tip: Stagger a few bags of seed potatoes in their planting time, separating 3 bags of potatoes by one week each. This will ensure a Ton of potatoes and unending supply through the Spring, Summer and into the Fall months!

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