King Canopy Greenhouse $215 + FREE SHIPPING

King Canopy 10-Feet by 10-Feet Fully Enclosed Greenhouse, Clear.

  • 1-3/8-Inch White Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Fully Enclosed Fitted Clear Cover
  • Rip-Stop Greenhouse Cover
  • UV Inhibitors; Fire Retardant; Water Resistant

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alaskan greenhouse

Ana White Alaskan Greenhouse Update

4/19/2020 Greenhouse build by using Ana White Alaskan Plans

Hello Friends,

We have found that it was really easy to put the walls together in our garage as they were pre-built then brought out by section (4) and screwed together. It was more challenging to put the arches in and to square up the land to make for a flat surface.

I am really appreciating the Ana White Greenhouse plans that she uploaded and shared for us. I have found a few things to add that was not really talked about but it is totally customize-able as you go. We are going to add a second section to the back doubling the size.

Also, we found that you may want to use re bar to reinforce against wind. It does get some weight to it but the rebar keeps it from moving. Here is a photo of the 3′ foot piece we installed with sledgehammer.

After we secured the side walls we built all the arches by first building the right side and then the left side. The arches were a bit challenging.

Greenhouse Roof

After placing the Arches we had to do a little more ground leveling as we had some high spots which was throwing off the squareness of the build. Once leveled out we added both long wall steel siding and then started to add the poly panels.

The poly panels were not cheap, they ran 30.00 a 3′ x 10′ panel but they were extremely easy to install as we just overlapped them and bent the top one right around the peak. The ease made up for the cost plus they are 20 year panels, which was great. They are very strong and the support the arches well. We noticed it strengthened the building tremendously by securing them to the arches.

The steel siding fit perfectly over the poly panels creating a natural seal good enough for a greenhouse.

The self taping screws are made brown to match and they drilled right through the steel with little effort. The screws have a built in rubber grommet which also creates a weatherproof seal once tightened. We used a 1/4″ inch head with nut-driver bit on our impact drill. Installation is a breeze if your building structure is square.

Greenhouse getting close!

We capped the front walls with steel panels 4′ foot sections to the door way.

Above the steel we used a Lifetime double poly wall clear panel which is 40.00 a panel and cut to match the contour of the building. Before the doors go on we have to get some plants into this greenhouse! Our plan is to add the steel panels in the back and use some landscape fabric for now to keep the heat in. It snowed twice this week in northern Ohio but the greenhouse has been a nice addition for our seedlings.

Ana White Greenhouse Update 4/10/20

Hello Friends,

Weather is starting to get a little better here in Ohio but we have had much precipitation a cross of flurries and rain as the temps fluctuate around freezing.  Here are some photos of the work being done on the farm.  We are building the Ana White Alaskan Greenhouse but doubling up from 12 feet to 24 feet long and appx. 10 feet wide (all from scratch!) been challenging but we think it will be really good for us when we are done.  It looks a lot better to the eye rather than a cold frame.

We installed the 4 walls and now have the front door frame attached on top of the front wall. It’s starting to come together nicely.

You will see further down in this post a temporary cold frame we put up in winter and was actually really cheap just over 100.00 for the frame, it needed support in the center due to snow fall, doesnt hold plastic real well but it came with a white cover.  We plan on using a shade cloth in the summer?! if it survives.

Ana White Alaskan Greenhouse

Ana White Greenhouse plans.

Cold Frame on the cheap!

Greenhouse kit under $200.00 when you are in a pinch!

We are experimenting with Raised Seedling Beds?!

We are officially in USDA Growing Zone 6 now.  Growing zones change every year, boundaries for us here in Ohio changed about 3 years ago from Zone 5 to 6.  Our daylilies are bred for look first but hardiness second and bud count would be 3rd.  We believe that the dormant daylilies will do really well in the raised beds but the Evergreens are another question?  Here is a look into our first one.  I really struggled with wood type, cedar would be best but i cannot find boards big enough.  You can see the first seedlings are doing well right now… we are testing with 3 daylily seedlings all of which have overwintered and starting to emerge!

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