Black Unknown Tradescantia


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For Plant Care Instructions:

Tradescantia “Unknown” Black Houseplant that will be well packaged. Great gift item that will be enjoyed for years to come. It is a fast growing plant and very low maintenance! The variety looks like a cross between “Jose Puig” and Blossfeldiana “Red Hill” but it’s clearly neither one. It gets a blackened top leaf in summer and can take full sun for 8 hours. Plant can be somewhat purple in color, but it just needs more sun to reveal its black color. The top leaf is shiny and glimmery however, it does get furry on the end of the leaves. It may very well be a hybrid of some sort we are sharing with you all!

Shipping begins on this one July 25th 2022

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Indoor plant care ❤

Houseplants like Tradescantia enjoy bright, indirect light. They need a good amount of light and if they don’t get it, you’ll notice that their leaf markings begin to fade. Direct sun, however, will scorch their leaves

Tradescantia thrive in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees, so they do well in typical indoor temperatures. Outdoors, they prefer a mild climate that doesn’t drop below 50 degrees. Frost will kill them. This makes them a perfect Houseplant.

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