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You will receive a 3.5″ inch potted Autumn Fern houseplant. (Low Light Indoor Plants)

Hardy outdoor plant to zones 5-8, all other zones it can be grown as a houseplant.

The Brilliance Autumn Fern is exactly that – brilliant. The new fronds in spring and early summer burst with the colors of fall – coppery-reds, vibrant oranges and bronzy-yellows. This arching fern quickly becomes a mound of divided leaves about 2 feet tall and wide that makes a great feature anywhere in your garden. Plant it in woodlands, beneath tall trees, under larger shrubs, beside water and along paths and steps. The evergreen summer leaves are cool dark green, and in late summer look under the leaves to admire the bright-red spore-patches that give this plant its botanical name.

Vibrant orange-red spring fronds
Color can return in fall after frost
Red spore-patches beneath the leaves
More sun and dryness resistant than many other ferns
Grows in sun and even in deep shade
The Brilliance Autumn Fern is more sun and dryness-resistant than many other ferns are, although regular moisture is always welcomed. It grows best in richer, moist and well-drained soils, but tolerates ordinary soils that aren’t too dry. It grows in full sun in cooler zones, and in partial to full shade – even deep shade – in warmer areas. It is pest and disease free, and ignored by rabbits and deer. A simple spring trim of damaged leaves is all the care it needs.

Easy to care for house plant. Perfect gift for the plant collector. Good house plant for Low Light rooms.