FIRST KNIGHT Black Grass Pennisetum Perennial Ornamental 1 Live Plant Clumping


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For Plant Care Instructions:

1 Live Plant – First Knight G Pennisetum Grass Perennial

A low maintenance plant once established. Fast growing plant. Plants may be shipped bare root, 2.5″ pot or 4″ pots depending on season and availability. Larger sizes come as first come/serve basis. We ship the best and largest plants first.

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Deer Resistant

Height: 4-5′

Spread: 2-3′

Exposure: Full sun

Perennial Zone: 7-11

Annual Zone: 2-6

Spacing: 30″ for mass plantings, 5’+ for space between plants

Growth Habit / Form: Grassy, Upright, Arching

Growth Rate: Fast

Shipping Spring via USPS Priority Mail

Small pot size, leaves will be trimmed.

Planting Instructions:

Plant the root ball into the soil and keep the top of the root ball level with the soil.

Water daily so it does not dry out. Do this for 2 weeks and then water as needed.

Flowering plumes emerge in late Summer.