Prairie Smoke Geum triflorum Pink Flowers 2.5″ x 4″ Starter Plants Rare Fast Growing Modern Home Decor Landscaping Design WOW


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For Plant Care Instructions:

1 Live Plant – Prairie Smoke Geum triflorum – shipped in 2.5″ x 4″ inch pots (Similar to photo #3)

Cold hardy plant prefers USDA Grow Zones 1-6

Rare Fast Growing for your Modern Home Decor and Landscaping Design WOW!!!

The silky, flowing styles of the fruiting stage of Prairie Smoke never fail to win admirers at first sight. When setting seed, large stands of the plant create a gauzy effect that resembles smoke hovering close to the ground. Blooming in spring to early summer, Prairie Smoke will spread slowly from its roots in well-drained, dry to wet-mesic soils.

It prefers full to partial sun and has a native range from the northern tier of the US through most of Canada.


Growing prairie smoke is easy, as it’s tolerant of most any soil type, including sandy and clay soils.

However, it does prefer a well-draining soil enriched with organic matter above all else. While prairie smoke can also tolerate partial shade, the plant performs much better in full sun.

They like evenly moist but not soggy conditions in the spring, and they should be watered at least weekly during hot summer weather.

Mature prairie smoke plants still like moist conditions while they experience their new spring growth. But they prefer drier conditions once summer arrives.