Ruby Necklace Succulents


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Ruby Necklace – 1 Live Plant

More Details and Care: Othonna capensis (Ruby Necklace Plant)

These lovelies can thrive in both bright direct light and low indirect light. The more direct sun these plants get the brighter purple and red their color becomes. In lower light conditions they maintain a more greenish hue with purple stems and highlights. In my experience these plants can do well in low light situations in gardens and on patios, but are a bit harder to keep happy indoors.


Like most succulents, these plants do not like to be overwatered, especially if placed in more shaded and cooler areas. They prefer for their soil to be well draining and for the soil to go completely dry between waterings.

During their growth seasons, in Spring and Fall, they prefer to have more moisture in their soil so can be watered more frequently (like once per week).

During the warmest summer months they go into dormancy, so you’ll want to provide them with more shade and water less frequently