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You will receive a 3.5″ inch potted Silver Lace Fern houseplant. (Low Light Indoor Plants) Photo#3 shows an example of the 3.5″ pot it is shipped in.

Silver Lace Fern – Pteris ensiformis ‘Evergemiensis’ is an elegant little variegated brake fern, with silvery-white foliage and bright venation that takes up much of the frond, leaving just a thin green edge.

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of South East Asia and China, this fern is easy to grow in terrarium conditions.

Often called the Silver Lace Fern for its delicate white variegation, this plant makes a wonderful feature plant. Just watch out for the single tall stem with the different leafage, for some reason there’s always one that’s different and tends to grow much taller than the rest (and you may need to trim that bad boy down at some point).