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For Plant Care Instructions:

Syngonium Neon, also known as arrowhead plant is a desirable aroid that boast arrow-shaped light green leaves and beautiful pink variegation. Syngonium is a considered a fast growing climber from the Araceae family.

This variegated form is unusual by having small areas of colourful variegation on the leaves. As the plant ages it will begin to vine, therefore putting it in a hanging basket might be a good idea!

Photos are for reference only. Could be bigger, could be smaller depending on the existing stock. , not the actual plant you will receive.

How to care for your syngonium
Water: Water arrowhead plant when the soil surface starts to dry. This plant likes to be on the moist side, but not wet or soggy.
Light: Grow in low or medium light spots, as long as they’re not exposed to too much direct sun.
Humidity: Regular humidity levels are sufficient.
Temperature: They like to be in a warmer spot about 18 degrees C.