Boston Ivy Vine


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For Plant Care Instructions:

1 year old plant established. Average 12″ inches rooted in pot(Maybe cut back). It is Fall they will start to be shipped dormant so beware!! They are not dead.

Fast-Growing Hardy Colorful Boston Ivy Vine!
Zone 4-8

– Iconic Vine Covering Buildings & Walls
– Cold Hardy Glossy Green Leaves
– Fast-Growing Vertically & Horizontally
– Drought Tolerant
– Attracts Wildlife
– Wonderful Fall Color!
– White Flowers
– Small Black Berries For Birds
– Award-Winning
– Insulates & Shades Sun-Baked Walls
– Great Garden Backdrop
– Softens Hardscapes

An Ivy-covered facade on a home instantly boosts its curb appeal big time! Turning any brickwork or stone from ‘ho hum’ to traditionally inspired, old-world ‘wow’ factor! There’s a reason it’s called ‘Ivy League’ you know.

Most of those iconic, old-world buildings are covered in Boston Ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata ‘Veitchii’) which is a very hardy flowering plant in the grape family. Native to eastern Asia in Korea, Japan, and northern and eastern China. Unrelated to the true Ivies, Boston Ivy is also commonly known as Grape Ivy, Japanese ivy, and Japanese Creeper, and by the common name Woodbine.

Boston Ivy is a remarkably fast-growing, deciduous woody vine that sends out tendrils that can grip onto surfaces. The glossy dark green leaves may be reminiscent of grapevines, and that is because they are in the same vine family! Not to be confused with Virginia Creeper