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Black Tradescantia House Plant "Dark Desire" aka "Red Gem" Wandering Jew Houseplants

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Black Tradescantia (Dark Desire)

This Tradescantia Dark Desire or aka Red Gem is a sought-after variety, known for its shimmery leaves with beautiful patterns of green, pink and white. This plant is a fast grower and will begin to trail as it grows, making it a stunning addition to a shelf or hanging pot. We recommend giving it a prune every now and then to prevent leggy stems (particularly in winter), and to promote bushier growth.
Plant Care:
When you receive your Black Tradescantia, know that it likes to be placed in a light room but does not need direct sun.
It is very easy to grow and needs very little attention. In fact, during the winter it does not need much water at all. It is considered a succulent so do not over water in the winter.
You can prune your Tradescantia to make it bush out. Simply pinch off the foliage where you want it to start branching. It is quick to respond as it grows rapidly from the nodes where you cut back the foliage.

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