Growing a rose in a potato was a LOT of FUN! How To Grow A Rose In A Potato?…Even though the success rate is low, we had a lot of fun trying this for ourselves!

Now we already know how to grow potatoes in a bag but growing other plants inside a potato?

Is it a myth? It made for a great science experiment.

This video really was a joy to make and watch…Lol. Give it a share. We want to see how many people are successful at how to grow cuttings in potatoes!?

We accepted the challenge and it actually grew…for a little while. Had we drilled through the potato it may have worked better?

Some Roses are easier to root than others and that’s why we use a rooting hormone.

It will help stimulate the rose cutting to encourage root growth.

There are different methods to storing your rose cuttings after the rooting hormone has been applied.

Make sure the rose plants are not in direct sunlight and the wound is sealed and kept moist.

If the conditions are correct like temperature and light with the right amount of moisture you will begin to see some roots emerge as little white knobs at the end of the cutting.

This will take place in just a few weeks. Let the roots grow out at least an inch or two before planting into the soil.

Again, do not plant your newly rooted rose in a potato cutting into direct sunlight. It will stress the roses out and they will die rapidly which will waste your time.

Leave them in a shaded area with temperatures ideally between 70-80 degrees F.

Hopefully, it will be a great success!

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