How To Grow Lemon Trees From Stem Cuttings

growing lemons from cuttings

How to grow lemon trees from stem cuttings is easy when you watch the instructional video. Below read all about growing lemons by plant propagation.

Learn how to grow lemons from cuttings

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Take a lemon cutting from the plant where the node or leaf is protruding from.  This is where the lemon tree roots will form from the stem.

Step 2: Now remove the leaf so it will promote and grow roots.  Make sure the cutting has a couple leaves on them up top.  

Step 3:  Cut the existing leaves in half to help preserve energy and water loss.

Step 4:  Use a powder rooting hormone.  Dip the end of the cutting in the hormone powder and tap the excess off.

Step 5:  Take a planting pot with a potting mix of your choice.  Plant the lemon cutting into the soil. 

The key to this is keeping the soil moist. 

So if you are concerned about the soil drying out, place plastic wrap around the top of the pot without damaging the cutting.

After 4-8 weeks you will have roots and a brand new baby clone of your current lemon tree!

growing lemons from cuttings

Lemon Cuttings

Try this method on lemon cuttings. This is a more in-depth look at how to grow lemon tree cuttings.

We take a lemon tree with vertical shoots and cut them to make them grow horizontal and the extra cuttings that we prune off we use to make more lemon trees.

Find the node by the leaf and cut the lemon tree stem there. That is where the roots will start to establish and grow there.

Peel most of the lemon tree leaves off to help and retain moisture. We use rooting hormone on the stem cuttings where we need the roots to grow.

So dip in the lemon tree cuttings from the bottom end and shake off any extra hormone.

Now take the cutting from the lemon tree vertical shoot that is prepped and place it into a good potting soil. Make sure the soil is moist.

We then wrap over the cutting and the pot some plastic to help maintain moisture inside the pot. Make sure the cutting base that was covered in rooting hormone gets completely covered by the soil.

After about 4 weeks you will start to see roots emerging from the lemon cutting.

Now you may remove the plastic and water as if it was a regular plant.

Care for the lemon tree as a lemon tree. They grow really fast especially when using a product called neptune’s harvest (sea kelp) or Seaweed. Lemon trees love this!

Growing Lemon Trees from Seed

Growing Lemons from seed is easy too.