COLD Hardy Cuttings Ultimate Rainbow Ground Cover Stonecrop Sedum Pack MIX Live Plants Landscape Plant Cuttings Bundle Easy to Root in Water


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For Plant Care Instructions:

We will choose cold hardy ones that will survive your winters. 10 cuttings Mix of Ultimate Rainbow Collection of Stonecrop/Sedum/Crassula Ground Cover Plant Cuttings Bundle.
Sun to Part Shade Mix for Landscape.

Random plant names you may receive in your plant cuttings bundle. We give the most colorful plant cuttings we can for the season. In winter colors fade and in summer colors are more vibrant.

Aeonium Decorum
Aeonium Haworthii
Angelina Stonecrop
Atlantis Sedum
Blue Pearl Sedum
Blue Spruce Sedum
Blue Elf Sedum
Cascade Stonecrop
Chinese Sedum
Crassula Baby
Crassula Ovata
Crassula Perforata
Crassula Tetragona
Japanese Stonecrop
Murale Sedum
Purple Crusula Calico
Red Wiggle Sedum
Russian Stonecrop
Sedum Album
Sedum allantoides
Sedum alpestre
Sedum andegavense
Sedum atratum
Sedum baleensis
Sedum brevifolium
Sedum caeruleum
Sedum clavatum
Sedum clavifolium
Sedum commixtum
Sedum corynephyllum
Sedum Reflexum
Sedum Rubrotinctum
Tricolor Sedum
White Sedum

How to grow succulents from cutting and bareroot.

✿A cutting must be calloused over before planting, meaning the stem contend of the pad is dry and has sealed itself over in order to protect itself. It usually takes 3-7 days to be calloused, cactus may take longer to calloused before planting.

✿Place it in a warm, airy location under indirect sunlight, filtered sunlight or shaded area after planting. Water it 5-10 days later after planting depending on condition. The cutting usually would develop root anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Bareroot succulents would develop root faster. Never place your newly planted succulents under direct sun.

✿Once the root system established, the plant would then start to show new growth. Succulents do best under bright filtered sunlight, to get better color some varieties might need to grow under direct sunlight. Succulents color may vary time to time and seasons.