White Feather Hosta


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Hosta White Feather 1 live plant Spring Shipping starts March 1st

Right now its Fall, the leaves will be a light green speckled. The pure white leaves last 6-8 weeks from Spring to Summer but as the growing season goes along the leaves become speckled with green and white mix. Photo#4 shows late season leaves. Hosta white feather is the only hosta with pure white leaves. Very outstanding garden specimen, a great sight to see emerging to welcome in Spring!

LIGHT Full Shade
ZONE 3-9
BLOOM TIME Early summer to early fall
HEIGHT 18 – 20 inches

How to Plant Hostas:
1. Set the plants in a planting hole with the crown of the plant even with the surrounding soil and the growing tips visible at the soil surface.
2. If buying potted hostas, plant them at the same soil level as in the pot.
3. Gently dampen the soil around the plants and water until soil is moist.

Grown in our Zone 6 Flower Garden, dormant in the winter. Part Shade to Full Shade

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