How To Grafting a Tree (WITH A DRILL?!) Simple Way!

grafting apple tree

How to grafting a tree is easy WHEN YOU USE A DRILL!!! Let’s see how.

Apple Tree Grafting with Drill (Step by Step) Video

Grafting Apple Trees

Instead of growing apple trees from seed because it can take too long. How about grafting them? It is much faster to get your favorite apples this way.

Step by step instructions to complete the tree grafting in 7 minutes time.

Step 1

Take a cutting from your favorite apple tree find a drill bit to match, just a little smaller than the base of your cutting.

Apple Tree Cutting

Step 2

Time to drill! Drill at an angle because that matches the other tree branches. Keep the bit on the edge of the tree. Once drilled through make sure to slice open the bark with a drill bit but video shows this in detail.

Grafting Apple Trees with Drill

Step 3

Once the apple tree has its grafting hole its time to prep the cutting. Take the apple tree cutting and shave off the bark exposing the underneath white area.

Grafting Apple Tree with Drill.

Step 4

Now trim the end of the branch like a wedge cutting into the apple tree branch time to test it now. Does it fit? If there any excess protruding out of the bottom of the hole because if so, snip the apple tree cutting flush with the tree trunk.

prepare the apple tree cutting
Prepare the Apple Tree Cutting.
how to grafting apple trees
Apple Tree Cutting shaped like a wedge but ready now.
how to grafting apple trees
Apple tree cutting is too long so trim it back.
grafting apple trees
Trimming apple tree cutting for grafting flush with trunk so it does not poke through.
grafting apple trees
Flush cutting looks good!

Step 5

Wrap the wound after the branch has been grafted into the apple tree trunk and use a simple plastic wrap and pull tight. Clear tape sticks well to the wrap and help keeps it tight!

Grafting Tape 🙂
Stretch grafting film so it is flat with no air allowed.
wrapping apple tree cutting in graft
Wrap cutting tightly because it creates a seal.
grafting apple tree with grafting tape
Clear tape works really well on securing the grafted cutting wrap so it is air tight.
apple tree cutting wrapped and grafted
Final wrapped cutting prepped and completed so it can grow!

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