Growing Strawberries from Seeds

growing strawberry seeds

How to grow strawberries from seeds? Try planting strawberry seeds in pots. In this quick video we will show you a quick way on how to grow strawberries from a strawberry. We use little cups for growing strawberries in containers.

Growing strawberries from seed is a fun and rewarding way to start your own strawberry patch. It does, however, require a bit of patience and care, as strawberry seeds can take a while to germinate and the plants take a full season to produce fruit.

Collecting the Strawberry Seeds.

How to grow strawberries from seeds
How to grow strawberries from seeds

The first step in growing strawberries from seed is to collect the seeds from ripe strawberries. Carefully cut the strawberry open and remove the seeds, being sure to remove any bits of flesh or juice that may be attached to them. Once you have your seeds, you will need to clean and dry them.

Paper Towel Method To Sprouting Strawberry Seeds – Results

Spread them out on a paper towel or coffee filter and let them dry for a few days, making sure to keep them out of direct sunlight.


Next, you will need to prepare your soil. Strawberry plants prefer well-draining, fertile soil with a pH between 6 and 7. If your soil is too heavy or clay-like, you may need to amend it with compost or peat moss. Once your soil is ready, you can start your seeds indoors about 4-6 weeks before the last frost date in your area.

Growing Conditions For Your Strawberry Seedlings.

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Fill seed trays or pots with seed compost, and sow the seed on the surface. Cover the trays or pots with a layer of clear plastic or a propagator lid to keep in moisture and warmth. Place in a propagator or cover with a plastic bag and put it in a propagator to keep the temperature between 50-68F or 15-20C. Keep the compost moist but not waterlogged. Germination usually takes between 1-4 weeks.

Strawberry Seedlings Ready For Transplanting.

After the seedlings have germinated, you can remove the plastic or propagator lid and place them under grow lights or in a sunny windowsill. Keep the seedlings well-watered and fertilize them every two weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer. When the seedlings have at least two true leaves, they can be transplanted into individual pots.

Frost Danger.

Once the last frost has passed and the weather has warmed up, you can transplant your strawberry seedlings into your garden. Make sure to space them about 18 inches apart and plant them at the same depth they were growing in the pots. Water them well and keep the soil moist, but be careful not to over-water as this can lead to root rot.

How Long Before Strawberry Seedlings Produce Fruit?

2 Years. The seedlings will develop their roots and runners during the first year. You can expect fruit to be plentiful in year number two.

How long does it take to grow strawberries indoors?

Seed germination takes between 1-6 weeks indoors. Strawberries that are grown indoors from seeds will yield ripe strawberries 5-6 months after the seed germination.

Best Temperature For Growing Strawberries.

Temperatures between 50-68 Fahrenheit or 15-20 Celsius.

Strawberries grown from seed will not produce fruit the first season, but they will produce runners (small plantlets that grow at the end of a stem) that can be used to create new plants. These runners should be pinched off and planted in a separate bed. The following season, the plants will produce fruit.

Protecting The Plants.

It’s also important to note that strawberries need to be protected from the sun and heat during the hottest part of the day. They will also need to be protected from slugs and snails. You can use slug bait or copper tape around the base of the plants to keep these pests away.


In summary, Growing strawberries from seeds is a fun and rewarding process, but it does require some patience and care. Start by collecting the seeds from ripe strawberries, cleaning and drying them. Prepare your soil, sow the seed, keep the seedlings well-watered, fertilize them and transplant them into your garden after the last frost date. Keep them well-watered, protected from the sun, heat and pests and pinch off the runners to create new plants. In the following season, the plants will produce fruit.

How long does it take to grow strawberries from seed?

6 weeks.

Seeds will germinate in one to six weeks.

Six weeks after the seeds germinate, transplant them into bigger, individual pots. In another six weeks, your strawberry seedlings are ready to plant outside.

Growing Strawberries is Fast and Easy using this Method.

Do you enjoy Strawberries?!


Here is an easy way to start growing them at home.

In this short video above I will show you how to accomplish germinating strawberry seedlings for growing at home!

You can see how small and tiny strawberry seeds are.

Growing Strawberries from Seeds

Step 1

I like to plant them in cups so that the small seeds do not come out while watering them. So get your desired container prepared and grab a handful of Strawberries.

Step 2

Go ahead and start slicing the strawberry seeds from the fruit. Place them at the top of the pot. Place the small cuttings of strawberry onto the soil.

Step 3

Make sure to cover the strawberries when planting them with a layer of soil about half inch to an inch. Pack the soil on top of the strawberry seeds.

Step 4

Make sure to water, then place the container in a warm sunny spot to grow! Strawberry seedlings will start to germinate in about 2 weeks or so.

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