Growing Rainbow Trees is Amazing

Growing Rainbow Trees are amazing. Their bark starts to peel revealing all colors of the rainbow. The rainbow tree is fast growing tree and in tropical areas the timber is used for lumber. Having rainbow trees can be rewarding for landscaping sakes. They are a joy to watch grow and are ever changing. Lets get into more specifics on the rainbow eucalyptus.

So How Long Does It Take For A Rainbow Tree To Get Its Color?

This is a very good question. Rainbow Trees are dependent on a few different things in nature and can vary from tree to tree as far as growth and color. The environment in which the tree is growing can be critical to it’s development. On average a rainbow will start to show coloring in its bark at 7 to 10 years because it spends the first part of life rooting down and growing tall. As the bark begins to expand wider it has a better chance to start peeling off the old bark and then exposing all colors of the rainbow.

They have massive long leaves at six inches long and when the leaves are crushed a scent of sage fills the air. As the tree matures it will also flower. The flowers will be on clusters showing off it’s bright white color.

After the flowers are pollinated seed pods develop. The seeds are very tiny, smaller than ants. How can something so small grow to be so big!? This is why we titled our post “Amazing” Growing Rainbow Trees 🙂

So Watch Video All About The Rainbow Tree Here

Growing Rainbow Trees

growing rainbow trees
Even the Rainbow Tree roots have color!

In order to be growing Rainbow Trees outdoors and plant it there you will have to be in USDA Zone 9 and above. Now, there are reports and I have had people tell me that they have Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees growing in their backyard for many years and they live in Zone 8. So, do your due diligence and research those findings before buying a Rainbow Tree.

The Eucalyptus deglupta is a species of tall tree, commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptus, Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum tree.

This fast growing but tall tree has bark that peels revealing bright colors of the rainbow. It is the most beautiful tree in the world.

USDA Zones

growing rainbow trees
USDA Zones for Rainbow Trees

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree. Furthermore, meaning it does not shed it’s leaves as a deciduous tree does before going into dormancy.

As the Rainbow Tree grows the leaves can reach lengths longer than six inches and when the leaf is crushed it gives off an aroma like sage.

Like many other eucalyptus trees, the Rainbow tree grows quickly and may become very tall so that the tree produces white flowers and has moderately wide, evergreen leaves.

The leaves actually contain glands that produce an aromatic oil so they release a pleasant sage-like scent when crushed.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees are native to the Philippines and Hawaii. The conditions are just right for them to thrive. Growing rainbow trees love humidity and lots of sunshine.

More about the Eucalyptus

Can I Grow A Rainbow Tree As A Bonsai?

Can I Grow A Rainbow Tree In A Container?

Yes, the answer is YES. We actually run our farm out of Northern Ohio and we have had a Rainbow Tree we have been pruning as a bonsai for 7 years now. It is okay to bring it in your home for the winter months because then it goes right back out to the Patio during Spring, Summer and into Fall as a container plant.

You may question, can we grow it as a container plant? Why yes you can. They grow in tropical areas of the world. Rainbow Trees in their native areas are grown as timber trees. They are fast growing and when in their natural environment can reach heights above 100′ feet.

The Rainbow Tree is a tropical tree. It will not survive in freezing temperatures but it will handle a day or two around freezing but long exposure to frost will be fatal.

So if you are looking to purchase a Rainbow Tree make sure you have a place for this beautiful ornamental tree that doubles as a Timber Tree!

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growing rainbow trees
growing rainbow trees

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