Propagating Pomegranate From Seed

growing pomegranate from seed

Propagating pomegranate from seed is easy to do if you follow these steps listed below. You may ask how long does it take to grow pomegranate from seed? We show you the results.

Growing pomegranate from seed

Watch how to grow pomegranate from seeds video following 2 easy methods of propagating.

Step by Step Process to Growing Pomegranates from Seed

1. Take a pomegranate and cut it in half.

2. collect the seeds and pull them out of the covering. Clean off the seed as best you can by squishing them.

3. put them in a paper towel and spray the paper towel making it damp.

4. fold over the paper towel and place in plastic zip lock bag.

5. place bag in a warm place, 70 degress F.

6. germination of the pomegranate seeds should take place in a few weeks.

Propagating pomegranate from seed #2

  1. Cut your pomegranate in half.

2. Place half the pomegranate in a pot of soil.

3. Cover the pomegranate with 1/2 inch of soil.

4. Place the pomegranate in the sun and keep watered and warm.

5. Seed sprouts will take about 21 days with this method.