Tradescantia Plant Propagation

tradescantia plant propagation

Tradescantia plant propagation and how it works.

Step 1

Take your Tradescantia house plant and begin trimming below the node of the leaf. Cut it off.

You can cut as many as you would like for transplant.

Step 2

Find a plant pot with some fertile potting mix that is known to drain well. If you are not sure about the draining of a particular mix you can add perlite to it.

Perlite will help it drain properly.

The plant pot you choose must have drainage holes.

Step 3

Fill the plant container with the potting mix until it is level with the top.

Step 4

Begin to place your Tradescantia plant cuttings in the soil. Make sure that the node just below the leaf is covered with the potting mix because this is where the roots will develop over time.

Step 5

Water and place in a well lit room. Do not place in direct sunlight. Water until the soil is wet. Do not soak with water.

After 3 weeks you should have some good size roots. Wait another 3 weeks until the Tradescantia houseplant is starting to bush out.

After 6 weeks you can begin to transplant into a bigger planting pot.

Where to Buy Tradescantia?