Black Tradescantia

Black Tradescantia aka “Dark Desire” which is also known as “Red Gem” can turn from black purple to a dark burgundy red color. People like them in hanging baskets and as the sun shines through the leaves in summer they have an appearance of red glow. This wandering jew is very much sought after because […]

Pink Panther Plant

Pink Panther plant is also known as Callisia repens in the world of house plants. Even though the scientific name isn’t as cool as it’s common name, this is a very unique houseplant. Callisia repens ‘Pink Panther’ is a super cute and incredibly rare miniature houseplant! Defined by its pink and green┬ávariegated leaves this plant […]

Tradescantia Plant Propagation

Tradescantia plant propagation and how it works. Step 1 Take your Tradescantia house plant and begin trimming below the node of the leaf. Cut it off. You can cut as many as you would like for transplant. Step 2 Find a plant pot with some fertile potting mix that is known to drain well. If […]

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