Google Earth Stealth Bomber Caught Flying Over Farm!

google earth stealth bomber

Google Earth catches photo of Stealth B-2 Bomber flying over a farm near Kansas City, Mo. There have been some odd findings in the past but what timing this had to be when the photo was captured.

Type in coordinates 39 01 18.5N. 93 35 40.5W and you will be able to zoom in at about 400′ feet and see an amazing photo of this B2 Stealth Bomber caught at just the right time to make himself famous on Google Earth!

Watch the video below to see the step by step process in finding this amazing footage.

If you are having difficulties finding the Stealth Bomber flying over the farm try this. Make sure to change the Imagery Date to 5/5/2016. Coordinates are 39.022,-93.595 (this may help you see the plane)

Another tip to try if you are unable to find it. This format it should do the trick. Copy and paste this into google earth 39°01’18.5″N 93°35’40.5″W

Were you able to find it? If so, share this page with a friend and see if they can find it too!

There are many comments to what the pilot was doing and his destination. One can only guess.

Once again, you can explore the farmer’s field yourself on Google Earth by entering coordinates 39 01 18.5N 93 35 40.5W.

Stealth Bomber on Google Earth Reddit Post

You can head over to reddit and see the discussion there. The coordinates will take you somewhere just miles from Kansas City, Mo.

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