Propagating Orchids

propagating orchids

Propagating orchids can be challenging because they require certain growing conditions before one can attempt orchid propagation with any success.

There are several methods to propagation.

How to Grow Orchids from Stem Cuttings

How to Grow Orchids from Stem Cuttings.…

Step 1: Gather your orchid stem cuttings, making sure there are nodes on them.

Step 2: Place your orchid stem cuttings in sphagnum moss that is wet and wrap them tightly around the orchid cutting. Secure the moss around the orchid stems with rubber bands or plant wire.

Step 3: Place your wrapped orchid cuttings into a grow vase/jar (2 liter bottle) and cover with plastic wrap. Make sure to make perforations in the plastic. This will help to create a greenhouse effect.

Step 4: Place your grow jar in a warm area (22 degrees Celcius) or (77 degrees Fahrenheit) with sunlight or under grow lights.

Step 5: Make sure the moss never dries out and check on your orchid nodes in about 3 weeks, you should see changes and growth on the orchid stems. Keep them covered for up to 2 months. As the roots grow out continue to monitor for moisture.

Step 6: once the roots have grown 2 to 3 inches long it is time to cut the new keiki orchid off the mother stem. Placing it into a permanent place to grow.

Orchid flowers may take a year before they start flowering.

For dendrobium phalaenopsis

Supplies You may need for Growing Orchids from Stem Cuttings:

  1. Our Grow Light

2. Heat Mat with Thermostat

3. Heat Mat x2

4. Heat Mat

5. Potting Soil Mix We Use

6. Keiki Cloning Paste

7. Sphagnum Moss

Cloning Orchid Plants

Propagating orchids by cloning plants can be easy if you have the right elements.

There is a hormone you can add to a flower bud on the stem of an orchid to get it to grow a new baby orchid known as a “keiki” (baby) Hawaiian.

Once the paste is placed on the node of the flower stem it will start to grow.

After several weeks it may result in a clone of the parent plant which when it matures will flower just exactly like the orchid it came from.

Propagating Orchids with Keiki Paste

Step 1: Purchase your keiki paste

Step 2: Growing Conditions need to be above 70 degrees F

Step 3: Apply a small amount of keiki paste onto a node coming from the flower stem. Make sure you remove the bract covering as illustrated from photo below.

This will expose the node or eye where the tissue will start to grow once the hormone is placed with Q-tip.

Step 4: Maintain temperature above 70 degrees for 1 month. Inspect the node for developing leaves. This process may take time.

Step 5: After the leaves develop air roots you can now prune above and below the roots to remove the new propagated orchid plant.

Step 6: Place the new orchid plant in some moss in it’s new home. Mist 3x per week until it establishes itself with more additional roots.

Step 7: Plant in a potting mix made for orchids. This can get a bit pricey but search around for the best deals. We have found any potting mix for orchids will do.

Orchid Cloning Paste (Hormone)