Grow Your Own Food

grow your own food
grow your own food
Canning your own food can help with over abundance and stretch it out over time.

Grow your own food (How To) There are concerned people out there researching this very subject as you read this article.

Is there another pandemic on the horizon? It’s a great question and a serious one too.

As you read this blog post you will learn how easy it can be to grow your own food. Even if you live in an apartment we have solutions for you.

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Self reliance can be very rewarding.

We have dedicated this page to help folks understand how they can depend on themselves and nobody else to eat.

How hard is it to grow your own food?

It’s not that hard you just need to be able to think for yourself.

Remember Covid-19 and how everything was shut down?

What would happen if something worse would hit. A virus that indeed could kill the healthy?

Covid only advanced pre-existing conditions and does not necessarily cause death but it will magnify and amplify other health issues.

It is known to expedite to pneumonia and cause breathing issues that can suffocate it’s victims.

But what if… there was an actual disease that would start to wipe out a population.

You have to ask yourself are you prepared for grocery stores to be shut down in an event like that?

I have a small space, how can i grow with little room?

Some just don’t have a lot of space to grow a large vegetable garden. For example, if you live in a small apartment with no real yard space, what are you to do?

Not all crops are created equal.

Growing herbs and greens are perfect for small spaces like apartments where you want to grow your own food.

They grow short and some can be grown indoors.

Greens can be re-cut multiple times over a growing season. You can also regrow plenty of vegetables from scraps, including lettuce.

Why grow your own food?

Self reliance is very rewarding and it allows one not to depend on anyone else. This helps in time of need or emergency. Just think how many days you can go without food and the times we live in now.

Preparation and know how will prevent starvation in another pandemic. It could save your family from going hungry one day.

Is growing your own food worth it?

Yes. It can save you money.

Aside for monetary worth the control one has over their food and what chemicals are going into it is far more important than saving money however.

Organic food can keep you healthy for life. It was once said “You cannot put a price on your health”