Germinating Seeds in Paper Towel

paper towel seed germination

Germinating Seeds in Paper Towel can help increase your germination rate and percentage.

Having a successful time in germinating seeds can be very rewarding for the plant and the Gardener.

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The plant brings forth life and the garden thrives while the Gardener enjoys its fruit.

Growing seeds with paper towel method can really help your germination rate and increase your seed sprouting percentage as you learn how to germinate.

Seed Germination Process

1. Harvest the seeds.

2. If your seeds have not gone in refrigerator for a couple weeks do that next. if so, skip to step 4.

3. Place your seeds in a plastic bag and keep refrigerated for at least 2 weeks.

4. Keep the them in a plastic bag but first place them in a paper towel

5. Wet the paper towel.

6. Do not soak the paper towel too much though.

7. Place inside plastic bag and keep in a warm location.

8. Seeds will grow quickly germinating should occur for most seeds in just a few days.

9. Once germinated you can place the seeds individually in pots at any time or plant directly into the garden.

10. Make sure the seedling roots get covered well.

Germinating Seeds Video

The zip lock bag creates a Greenhouse Effect inside the bag and as long as you provide heat and a little light you will love the results.

A key to all this we have found over the years is to add a little hydrogen peroxide to your water. A capful of HP poured into a full bottle of water is all you need to assist in your seed germination.

Seed germination can be tricky with certain seeds and it usually is the ones that were expensive.

If you have had poor results in the past try this paper towel method and you will see how fast the seeds will germinate!

Pro Tip – if you are still having difficulty after using this method you must question the seed viability. In other words maybe the seeds were not good.

The second thing, and we have learned from this mistake, your seeds must go through a cold period. This is called “cold-stratification”.

This is why you will never have seeds if you purchase from our store that have not gone through this cold period.

We store our seeds after they have dried for at least 2-3 weeks.

This puts the seeds in to a hard dormancy that is mimicking nature. After that and the temperatures warm up the seed is more likely to germinate aggressively.


What is germinating seeds?

Germinating seeds is the process of by which an organism grows from a seed. Germination includes a seed sprouting to form a seedling.

What is seed germination?

Germinating seeds is the process of by which an organism grows from a seed. Germination includes a seed sprouting to form a seedling.

Do seeds need sunlight to germinate?

No. In Fact, many seeds will germinate in the dark if the temperature and soil conditions are good. However, the seedling that germinates will not last long without some light. Light can be that of a grow light that will act as the sun. Nothing can replicate the sun like the sun itself though.

What promotes germination?

3 things. Light, Water and Temperature. Soil plays a big role too but the three main things that will make a seed germinate is sun, moisture and the right temperature according to the seed genus.