Best House Plants Full of Color! (Rare)

Here are the best house plants that are full of color. Who doesn’t love houseplants? Large or small. Sun or shade. Pet friendly & Purifying. You can find the perfect plant for your space for farm fresh indoor house plants that will be delivered to your doorstep from a loving nursery! Here are some house […]

Boston Ivy

Boston ivy vine is so beautiful in the fall. This deciduous woody vine is remarkably easy to grow, but you will probably need to periodically prune it aggressively to keep it in check. Plant Type: Perennial deciduous vine Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade Soil Type: Loamy, medium-moisture soil Soil pH: 5.0–7.5 (acidic to slightly alkaline) Parthenocissus tricuspidata […]

NEON POTHOS | How To Care | House Plant

Neon Pothos house plant is a trendy houseplant because of it’s natural beauty and light contrast that has gained popularity during the past 3 years. It is very easy to grow and maintain. So if you are a busy professional or just love house plants Neon Pothos is a great choice. Pothos Neon is a […]

Black ZZ (Raven) is a trendy, newer variety of ZZ plant that used to be rare and expensive, but now it’s widely available at affordable prices. ZZ stands for Zamioculcas zamiifolia, which is the full scientific name of the houseplant. Raven ZZ Plant Care They are low maintenance houseplants that only require basic care to survive. As […]

Pothos Plants

Pothos plants enjoy a wide range of environments. They do well in bright, indirect light as well as low light. Year round temperatures of your house is perfect for your pothos plant to thrive in. Pothos Care These plants enjoy a wide range of environments. They do well in bright, indirect light as well as low […]

Is An Avocado a Vegetable or Fruit?

Is an avocado a vegetable or fruit? We answer your questions. What is an Avocado? The avocado, a tree likely originating from south-central Mexico. It is classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. The fruit of the plant, also called an avocado. It is botanically a large berry containing a single large […]

Propagating Pomegranate From Seed

Propagating pomegranate from seed is easy to do if you follow these steps listed below. You may ask how long does it take to grow pomegranate from seed? We show you the results. Watch how to grow pomegranate from seeds video following 2 easy methods of propagating. Step by Step Process to Growing Pomegranates from […]

Orange Trumpet Vine

Orange Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans), also known as trumpet creeper, is a fast-growing perennial vine. Growing trumpet vine creepers is really easy. A long time favorite in the summer will attract your neighborhood hummingbirds and butterflies. The orange trumpet like flowers have extended bloom times well into late summer and early fall. For more orange […]

Forget Me Nots (All About Them)

Forget Me Nots flowers. Read all about growing and caring for them. Forget–me–nots form dense mats of foliage by producing above-ground runners. The foliage is deer resistant and resembles rounded mouse ears. Season of Interest Season features: Spring Bloom; Summer BloomPlant type: Perennial Genus name: Myosotis Foliage color: Blue/Green The flowers are one of the few plants that can boast a true […]

Growing A Rose In A Potato

Growing a rose in a potato was a LOT of FUN! How To Grow A Rose In A Potato?…Even though the success rate is low, we had a lot of fun trying this for ourselves! Now we already know how to grow potatoes in a bag but growing other plants inside a potato? Is it […]

Growing Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers How to grow Cucumbers from Seed How to grow cucumbers from seed with step by step planting instructions and directions for growing cucumber. LED grow lights help if you are growing cucumbers from seed indoors. Heat mat underneath your pots assist in germination and healthy cucumber seedlings if your growing area needs more […]

How to grow Romaine lettuce from food scraps is easy to do. You can watch the video that shows a 5 day time-lapse and how fast it regrows! Once you have finished your lettuce do not throw it away. You can garden this vegetable scrap right in your kitchen. Find a jar and put some […]

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