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Raven ZZ plant

Black ZZ is a trendy, newer variety of ZZ plant that used to be rare and expensive, but now it’s widely available at affordable prices.

ZZ stands for Zamioculcas zamiifolia, which is the full scientific name of the houseplant.

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Raven ZZ Plant Care

They are low maintenance houseplants that only require basic care to survive. As long as they have bright, indirect light and well-drained soil, they are perfectly happy almost anywhere in your home.

How to care for ZZ plant


Watering only needs to be done when the top two inches of their topsoil is dry.

Black ZZ plant is tolerant of almost all types of light levels from low to bright light, but it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight. Drought tolerant Raven doesn’t mind low humidity and can also go a couple of weeks without water.

In fact, it grows best when the soil is allowed to dry out between waterings.


ZZ plants cannot take full sun, though, so direct sunlight is a no-no for the raven ZZ.

If it sits by a bright window put up a thin curtain to give it shade. Remember that even plants that do well in very low light will thank you for giving them a good bit of bright, indirect light.

Low to bright indirect light, such as from a north-, east-, or west-facing window. Avoid direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves.

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The ZZ family is widely recognized as one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. Their resistance to drought and their high tolerance for temperature, humidity, light, and soil make them excellent beginner houseplants.


ZZ plants don’t need any special potting mix so long as it’s well-draining. If you already have some soil at home, simply add a few handfuls of perlite or vermiculite. Or if you want to purchase a ready mix, check to make sure there’s already some perlite in there.

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ZZ Plants do not like to be rootbound. They grow large underground rhizomes that take up a lot of space inside a planter. .ZZs should be replanted every two years into a pot that is one size larger than the one is previously lived in.


Raven ZZ plants share the same low maintenance needs as more common ZZ varieties. They can survive low light, inconsistent watering, and lack of fertilizer.

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How to Care for the Stunning Raven ZZ Plant & How to Propagate It

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