Propagating Christmas Cactus By Cuttings

in this video we show you how to propagate christmas cactus by cuttings

Propagating Christmas Cactus is fun and easy. There are many ways to root the cuttings. Today we will show you a technique that requires potting mix, your container of choice for growing them and some perlite.

We have a left over Christmas Cactus that is done blooming for now and we want to make a bigger plant for next year.

How To Care For Your Christmas Cactus

To grow a Christmas cactus, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a pot with drainage holes and fill it with a well-draining potting mix. Christmas cactus plants prefer a soil that is slightly acidic, so you can use a potting mix specifically formulated for acid-loving plants.
  2. Water the plant thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so it’s important to let the soil dry out slightly before watering again.
  3. Place the plant in a location with bright, indirect sunlight. Christmas cactus plants do not require a lot of light, but they do need some to thrive. Avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight, as this can cause the leaves to scorch.
  4. Fertilize the plant once a month during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the label for the correct amount to use.
  5. Repot the plant as needed, usually every 2-3 years. Choose a pot that is slightly larger than the current pot and use a fresh potting mix.
  6. Christmas cactus plants are prone to pests such as mealybugs and aphids. Keep an eye out for any signs of infestation and use a suitable pesticide to control the pests if necessary.
  7. To encourage the plant to bloom, provide it with cool temperatures (around 60-65°F) and limited light for about 6-8 weeks before the desired blooming time. Then, gradually increase the light and temperature to encourage the flowers to open.

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