Pothos N’joy

Pothos N’joy is a trendy new house plant that is easy to take care of. It’s beauty is unrivaled as the marbled variegated leaves climb over their container into water falls of epic coloring.

N'Joy Pothos: Care, Propagation, and More - Sprouts and Stems

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Pothos N’joy Care


Water this pothos when the top inch or so of the potting mix is dry. They don’t like to completely dry out but don’t let them sit in a soaking-wet pot either or you could put your plant at risk of root rot.

Do pothos like being misted?

Pothos are pretty forgiving, but they do prefer to live in a more humid environment. Misting to be the most effective method.

Try using a humidifier, which is a low-maintenance and effective way to provide humidity to many plants at once!

Where can I buy an N’Joy Pothos?

Check this out on Etsy one of my favorite shops! Pothos Njoy for sale.