Best House Plants Full of Color! (Rare)

Here are the best house plants that are full of color. Who doesn’t love houseplants?

Large or small. Sun or shade. Pet friendly & Purifying. You can find the perfect plant for your space for farm fresh indoor house plants that will be delivered to your doorstep from a loving nursery!

Here are some house plant ideas. How many did you know actually exist?

Tradescantia Nanouk House Plant

The tradescantia nanouk is brilliant pink purple with a silver and light green variegated leaf on top. Absolutely stunning house plant that will brighten up your living room.

Easily, one of the easiest houseplants to care for.

Tradescantia Nanouk Care

tradescantia pink nanouk

Watering and Moisture

Water your Tradescantia Nanouk when the top inch or so of soil is dry, but take care not to let the plant completely dry out.

It’s ideal to water the soil directly so that you avoid getting the area between the leaves wet, which can cause the plant to rot.

Your Tradescantia Nanouk will grow best in a humid environment because of it’s natural habitat.


Your house plants will like a bright and filtered light area of your home. It does not need direct sunlight. In fact, it does not like direct sunlight.

Since your Nanouk enjoys indirect sun a good place for it to grow would be a room that has windows where daylight is present for 8 hours.

So if you live in the United States this will be on the southern side of your house.


The ideal temperature for the Nanouk Tradescantia cultivar is between 55° and 75° degrees Fahrenheit.

Outdoors, this Tradescantia is winter hardy in USDA hardiness zones 10 through 12.

Where to buy Tradescantia Nanouk Houseplants?

Tradescantia Nanouk houseplants for Sale

Tradescantia Nanouk for sale and it is becoming more easier to find these days. A place we recommend is Etsy or Amazon. Amazon is a little bit higher on pricing right now.

ZZ Plant Raven House Plants Black

Raven ZZ Plant Care

Raven ZZ Plants are low maintenance house plants that only require basic care to survive. As long as they have bright, indirect light and well-drained soil, they are perfectly happy almost anywhere in your home.

Keep your Raven ZZ well above 50°F or 10°C and away from air conditioners and heaters.

Homes normally range between 68 to 76°F 

How to care for zz plant

Watering only needs to be done when the top two inches of their topsoil is dry.

Raven ZZ House Plant For Sale

Are you looking to add this house plant to your collection?

Black Raven ZZ House Plant For Sale

Neon Pothos House Plants

The Neon Pothos is a subspecies–– or cultivar–– of the Epipremnum Aureum species (synonym: Scindapsus aureus) in the Araceae family, similar to the Jade Pothos.

This vining grower’s broader species goes by many names, such as the Golden Pothos, Marble Queen, and Money Plant.

Neon pothos (Epipremnum ‘Neon‘) is one of the most distinct varieties. Its heart-shaped leaves are bright chartreuse or golden yellow in color with no variegation.

The newer, younger leaves tend to be brighter than older leaves. The foliage deepens in color with age.

Sometimes they are (incorrectly) called lemon lime philodendrons, is unique in its own right! It is indigenous to the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific and loves the tropical climate found there, though it will adapt well to any home environment.

Many plant stores often mislabel Pothos as a philodendron, but the neon chartreuse leaves of this cultivar should clarify any confusion.

The Chameleon Plant

chameleon plant

Chameleon plant is a great ground cover that spreads underground by rhizomes that can become aggressive.

Many have it listed as an invasive species and it’s recommended to be container grown if that is an issue for the gardener.

Dormant in winter as perennial flower blooming in Summer zones 3-9, dormant in the winter.

Chameleon Plants Grown in Container

Some purchase for sale because they like to grow them as houseplants.

One challenge is that the plant likes to go dormant in the winter. So there is potential for some shedding of leaves.

Chameleon Plant for Sale

Where to buy Chameleon Plants?

You can find them online or possibly at a plant nursery near you. We have an Ebay store and Etsy store link for more information.

Orchid Flower Houseplants

Top 10 Orchids for the Home

Orchid Care


Orchids do not like temperature fluctuation in their indoor environment.

The ideal comfort temperature is 60-80F days and 55-70F nights for your houseplants.

So now knowing Orchids prefer daytime temperatures of 75 °F or more and nighttime temperatures of 65 °F or more. Is it possible to grow them in your environment?

Also in winter time, this is not always practical to achieve temperatures quite this warm.

So, efforts need to be made to not allow blooming orchids to be exposed to temperatures significantly colder than this.

Because lower temperatures and extreme fluctuations will lead to orchid disease.

Growing Orchids in Light

How to grow orchids with Fertilizer

Repotting Orchids

So to repot orchids you will need a few items first. Some prefer an Orchid Kit to transplant or move their orchids into a new growing pot.

Tradescantia Pallida (Pink Stripe) Houseplants

tradescantia pallida

Tradescantia ‘Purple Heart’ Variegated is a trailing house plant, tender perennial with purple stems and violet-purple leaves that produces pink flowers in summer.

This plant is mainly grown for its foliage (leaves can reach 7 inches in length); best color is achieved in bright sunlight and a dry, cramped root zone.

Tradescantia Pallida Care Instructions provided in detail below with step by step instructions. Variegated or variegata (Setcreasea Pallida) has tricolor leaves of hot pink, dark purple and green.

Where to Buy?

You can find Tradescantia Pallida Setcreasea on

Setcreasea Pallida Variegated also known as Tradescantia pallida ‘variegata’ has bright pink and purple leaves that are striped.

Purple Heart Houseplant

Here is a list of known qualities about this variety of purple heart Tradescantia houseplants.

  • Mature Height 12 INCHES
  • Cold Hardy UPPER 20’s
  • Temperature WARM
  • Light SHADE TO SUN
  • Container FRIENDLY
  • Plants Container 1-2 PLANTS PER CONTAINER

Purple Passion House Plant

Purple Persian Shield Plant (Strobilanthes dyeriana) Royal Purple House Plants.

The leaves are elliptical and grow to about 6 inches long.

They are puckered and the tops are washed in purple-pink and silver. The undersides are all purple. Stems are square.

Persian Shield aka Purple Passion Houseplant

  • Easy to grow
  • Persian Shield is among the most sought after foliage prizes among plants lovers worldwide
  • The main attraction is the unique shimmering iridescent purple color
  • Persian Shield is hardy in zones 9-11 outdoors, but can be enjoyed as a houseplant

Persian Shield is among the most sought after foliage prizes among plants lovers worldwide.

The main attraction is the unique shimmering iridescent purple color, highly metallic and always a stunning contrast in any garden setting. You can use Persian Shield in pots indoors as well.

Calathea White Fusion Peacock House Plants

Calathea White Fusion makes a beautiful clean-air plant in any home or office.

Its unique white leaves have alternating streaks of light green, dark green and white.

Fusion White variety of Calathea house plants have lovely green and white marbling on the leaves with pale purple undersides. It is a wonderfully showy, decorative plant that is bound to attract attention.

As with most variegated plants, Calathea need plenty of diffused light however direct sunlight will cause the leaves to fade and lose their markings.

They can tolerate some degree of shade, but the better the light conditions, the more you will be rewarded by fine foliage. Experiment in your home to find the perfect spot for your plant.

Calathea Dottie Houseplants

Calathea roseapicta ‘Dottie’

Prefers bright, indirect light Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry Easy to grow house plant.

  • Beautiful bold colors perfect for home, office, decor
  • Low maintenance plant
  • Light: medium to bright indirect light, but will tolerate lower light situations
  • Water: Water your Calathea when the top 25% of soil is dry
Houseplant Dottie Rose Painted Prayer Plant

Calathea roseo picta, short houseplants that produces white and purple flowers. It is greatly admired for its exceptional ornamental value.

Rose painted calathea description, indoor care instructions and potential problems. Scientific name Calathea rosepicta or Prayer plant. Skill level is beginner grower level. Easy care houseplants.

Philodendron Pink Princess

The elusive and coveted Philodendron Pink Princess is a beautiful houseplant with pink and white variegated patches. This plant thrives in bright indirect light and at least 60% humidity.

Beloved for its pastel-hued leaves, the pink princess philodendron is a rare collector’s item for plant-lovers.

Pink princess philodendron generally grows to around two feet tall but can reach up to four feet tall in perfect conditions.

Alocasia reginula ‘Black Velvet’ African Mask

This plant has many names. Tarou of the Ears of the Wizuimo Elephant “Black Velvet” (Quazuimo reginula)

Unique and rare house plants that will change your focal point in any room that you place it.

Alocasia reginula 'Black Velvet' African Mask from AgriStarts | Elephant  ear plant, Growing elephant ear plants, Plants

Ruby Necklace Houseplants

Ruby Necklace (Othonna Capensis) is a beautiful succulent that has bright red stems and fleshy leaves that get darker as the growing season ages.

If there is a risk of freezing temperatures they can be brought indoors to grow on a sunny window sill or under a grow light. They need bright sunlight, great drainage, and infrequent water to prevent rot.

Pick containers with drainage holes and use well-draining cactus and succulent soil with 50% to 70% mineral grit such as coarse sand, pumice, or perlite.

Water deeply enough for water to run out the drainage hole, then wait for the soil to fully dry before watering again.

Cebu Blue Pothos

May be an image of tree

Black anthurium rare house plant

Anthurium lovers, take note of this rare black-flowered anthurium hybrid from Holland.

Rare black anthurium rare house plant plant collection gift black

Tricolor Prayer Plant

The Tricolor Prayer Plant (Tri-Color Stromanthe) is an easy to grow house plant that prefers very bright indirect light.

Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. The tops of the leaves are variegated white and green, while the undersides are a brilliant reddish-pink.

The plant prefers high humidity. A relative of the common Prayer Plant, this one does not close it’s leaves at night.This is also called Trio Star Stromanthe.

Calathea picturata Crimson House Plant

This easy-to-care for plant can tolerate both low light and bright light environments.

Calatheas thrive in humidity and love to be watered on a regular schedule.

4 Calathea picturata Crimson image 1